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New Guy in Virginia Beach


New Member
Military Veteran
Virginia Beach
United States
2024 GR86 Premium
Just picked up my 2024 GR86 Premium in Steel yesterday. I'm in love with a Car. Been through three ND Miatas in the past 8 years. Loved them, but using them as a daily got to be a grind. Getting used to the boxer engine sound and the clutch in this car will take a bit. This manual requires a little more attention to precision to get it down smooth, but that's exactly what I love about manuals and that interaction. Interesting that I got 34 MPG over a couple hundred miles (calculated the manual way....computer was about 1 mpg optimistic), but I'm a gentle driver and always exceed the manufacturer's estimates anyway. I do have sort of a "clunk" happening in the rear when putting it gear from a stop, but that's intermittent and I'll give it some time and miles. Maybe things are a bit tight.

I did a LOT of reading over the past few months and watched a lot of youtubes about the RTV thing and reliability of these boxer engines. That's always been a concern of mine. But consensus seems to be that folks are having good luck with these cars as long as they're not thrashed and they're maintained well (or better). I plan on 3K oil changes because I make a LOT of short trips. I'll probably do the first oil change at 1K, which could be tomorrow based on how I'm finding it very difficult to NOT DRIVE IT! Nice to virtually meet you all.

Traded in my 2023 Tacoma for this..... SHOCKING value on my Taco.....they gave me about 3K more than I owed on it.